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Man of acerbity on diet hot chicken is give priority to a cate of makings with chicken, not only mouthfeel acid is hot goluptious, and among them nutrition value is rich, often the albumen that place of OK and compensatory body needs edibleShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
Qualitative and a variety of nurture are qualitative, first-rate to the body, oneself also can undertake making, need to use pickled Chinese cabbage and chicken above all, pickled Chinese cabbage will be joined to have culinary art after chicken souse is good, fry ripe later can edible.

What is the practice of the daily life of a family of man of acerbity hot chicken?

Acerbity hot chicken is fourth


Young chicken 400 grams, acerbity pickle 75 grams, shui LanLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Piece 25 grams, bright red any of several hot spice plants, garlic each 20 grams, egg white 1, soy, cooking wine each 10 grams, vinegar 5 grams, refined salt 31000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Can, gourmet powder 1.5 grams, wet starch 35 grams, balm 10 grams, lardy 75 grams.


1, young chicken the knife is spent on light Ji first, cut the man of about 1 centimeter of square again. Acerbity pickle, bright red any of several hot spice plants, Shui Lan piece, garlic all cuts granulate. With refined salt gallinaceous man 1 gram, egg white reachs wet starch 25 grams mix divide evenly size.

2, chicken Ding Xia is entered 4 into heat lardy inside slippery ripe, enter strainer.

3, oil is put inside boiler 75 grams, next pickle that enter acid, Shui Lan piece, garlic, bright red any of several hot spice plants is fried ripe.

4, the chicken that falls to had slipped is fourth, add soy, cooking wine, vinegar, refined salt, gourmet powder to fry ripe tasty, tick off Gorgon euryale with wet starch, drench balm, outfit dish become namely.

Small hang

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city


The flesh pledges delicacy slips, acid is hot tastily, it is dish of name of the tradition in Hunan dish.

Operate clew

The oar wants divide evenly on gallinaceous man. Oil should master when slippery chicken is fourth lukewarm.

What is the practice of the daily life of a family of man of acerbity hot chicken?


Pickled Chinese cabbage, dry chili paragraph, gallinaceous breast flesh, salt, soy, amylaceous water a few, oily, oyster sauce, very light blue, gallinaceous essence


1, prepare pickled Chinese cabbage, completely green vegetables pointed tip is basked in, exceedingly tender, exceedingly fragile ~ ) with dry chili paragraph;

2, the man that gallinaceous breast flesh cuts 1 centimeter of square, with salt, soy, water of a few starch bloats next;

3, fourth Hua Kaicheng of the chicken below oily boiler gives;

4, the pickled Chinese cabbage below the more than oil in boiler and chili paragraph ceaseless drop is fried, fry a fragrance;

5, add some of oyster sauce to scatter very light blue to mix into gallinaceous man divide evenly scatters seed of a few chicken with respect to OK!

Gizzard of chicken of acerbity hot cold and dressed with sause


Gizzard of earthy chicken chicken 400 grams, ginger, green Chinese onion, chinese prickly ash, anise, sweet leaf, garlic, red any of several hot spice plants, caraway, cooking wine, soy1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
, salt, vinegar, gourmet powder, white sugar, mustard oil


1, gallinaceous gizzard is abluent, put into boiler, add clear water and green Chinese onion paragraph, ginger piece, salt, Chinese prickly ash, anise, sweet leaf, cooking wine, conflagration is boiled, cast aside go float foam, build turn small fire boils 40 minutes.

2, gizzard of fish out chicken, air is cool. gallinaceous gizzard section, garlic dolly becomes mud.

3, oil of mashed garlic, soy, vinegar, salt, white sugar, gourmet powder, mustard, caraway paragraph, Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Gong Jiaoding is put into cutting good gallinaceous gizzard to mix divide evenly can.

What is the practice of the daily life of a family of man of acerbity hot chicken?

Acerbity hot drumstick


Drumstick 2, green 4, ginger 1 small, the head of garlic 3, corn bamboo shoot is right amount, batten is right amount, xianggu mushroom 5, zi like that pink 1 big spoon, candy 1 spoon, white vinegar 1 big spoon, rice wine 2 big spoon, salt 3 spoon, rice wine a few, too whitening 2 spoon, black vinegar a few, hot oil a few


1, cut the head of garlic end, hob to reserve stripping and slicing of corn bamboo shoot, the gallinaceous skin purify of drumstick, the lump that cuts drumstick thumb size reserves.

2, the end of the head of garlic that adds 20 fair grams, Jiang Mo, join Zi of 1 small spoon like that pink, the rice wine mix that adds touch is even, join 2 spoon too whitening, let chicken taste more slippery tender, the water that adds touch an agitate.

3, cut batten growing strip to reserve, will attrib wattle quick-boil is very hot reserve, attrib wattle itself has had oil, need not cheer again when quick-boil is very hot, the batten that has ironed quick-boil scoops shop ground, quick-boil of the boiler below good Zuo drumstick meat is very hot.

4, add a bowl of water, enter corn bamboo shoot and Xianggu mushroom boiler, add the Jiang Mo of a few and end of the head of garlic, the boiler on the lid is built, the drumstick flesh that quick-boil has ironed Cheng Qi reserves.

5, join black vinegar of white vinegar of candy of 3 spoon salt, 1 spoon, a few, a few, 1 big spoon pink of Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants, the boiler below chicken a cook over a slow fire is boiled, the scale that tick off Gorgon euryale too whitening: ? ?1:3Add juice of coloured glaze Gorgon euryale, will acerbity hot drumstick is filled dish, add chopped green onion and hot oil can.

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