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Chapter introduction

The rice that wraps a zhongzi divides a lot of kinds actually, because each have each culture, use data also can differ somewhat, the common Mi Youbai polished glutinous rice that wraps a zhongzi, yellow polished glutinous rice, black polished glutinous rice, red polished glutinous rice is waited a moment, these are the rice that can be used at making a zhongzi. Every kinds of zhongzi that rice makes is to have different pattern and olfactory.

What rice is the rice that wraps a zhongzi?

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What to call rice:

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It is polished glutinous rice, and the quality of polished glutinous rice also can differ somewhat. Polished glutinous rice is had very good agglutinant, after thoroughlying cook, can make the zhongzi also is had very good agglutinant, and polished glutinous rice is sweeter, have chew interest. So, before doing a zhongzi, choose the polished glutinous rice with better quality first, among them the polished glutinous rice of meeting comparing chief body provides round bead polished glutinous rice to be mixed toughly more glutinous sex.

What rice is the rice that wraps a zhongzi?

Besides white polished glutinous rice, we still can choose natural colored 5 kinds of rice bubble make a method be the same as white polished glutinous rice same, want bubble overnight had better. Among them, black polished glutinous rice, it is to use maple leaf to reach its the skin of tender bine, put in the pound in joint of bones, in the water that measures certainly for the immerge after airing a bit, immerse one day after one night, filter of fish out of foliaceous broken bits clean, obtain black dye fluid namely. Black dye juice should be put into boiler to use slow fire to boil to 559 Celsius, again immerge of polished glutinous rice can get black polished glutinous rice among them

What rice is the rice that wraps a zhongzi?

Maize polished glutinous rice, the floral fructification such as usable chrysanthemum or yellow gardenia, yellow Qiang, tuber is extracted. chrysanthemum boil, Fall in love with the sea

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Or in putting yellow gardenia pound water, immerse, get the dye juice of yellow orange namely. Also can draw out with yellow Qiang after rotting, mix with polished glutinous rice all exert oneself to do sth. rub, can get maize polished glutinous rice

Purple polished glutinous rice is use same variety and become. Blade is a bit long, color is a bit deep, boil the color that come out thicker, the rice that bubble comes out is become namely purple

Red polished glutinous rice, become with paddy and broomcorn cross, supervise via rice of paddy of Ministry of Agriculture and product quality examine test center detects, its calcium, zinc, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Magnesian, iron benignantly mineral the 9~14 that is common paddy rice times

The zhongzi colour and lustre that package of polychromatic polished glutinous rice goes is glittering and translucent and bright-coloured, multicolored, bright, the moist softness plus it, mellow gentle, flavour is full of plant faint scent, taste aftertaste making a person is boundless, and have fair officinal value. Red fragrant throughwort has heart’s-blood effect, cape jasmine has effect of clear hot cool blood, with the green Jing meal that maple leaf cooks, the person feeds can firm bones and muscles, beneficialShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Intestines and stomach, filling marrow

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