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Article introduction

Onion can say is a kind of health care feeds capable person, can fight consenescence not only, fight cancer, precaution cold, diuresis, increase human body metabolization, fall the effect such as blood pressure, and cheap and fine still. Evaporate onion water still can rise to relieve a cough expectorant action, there is baby in the home, when darling coughs can evaporate onion water is drunk to darling.

Is onion evaporate water true can expectorant?

The action of onion and effect

1, promotional human body is metabolic.

The especially stimulating fragrance of onion is 2 sulfur propylene to wait, it is OK and promotional metabolic. Often feed onion, can make driving, eliminate exhaustion.

Is onion evaporate water true can expectorant?

2, contagion of precautionary bowel path.

The has special sweet smell plant alexin that includes in onion, have curb bacterium and anticorrosive effect. Some of onion is fed more in summer very beneficial to human body, it can prevent infection of gastric bowel path.

3, fight consenescence.

Acid of many half Guang ammonia is contained in onion, it is to plant fight anile material, can defer cellular consenescence, can make a person macrobian.

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4, diuresis.

Onion includes Mongolian oak coriaceous kind of material, of the yellow ketone alcohol in human body revulsive below, can form a kind officinal body matching candy, it has very powerful diuresis effect, butSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Use the disease such as auxiliary cure nephritis to suffer from the oedema that bring about.

5, precaution catchs a cold.

Onion has very powerful antiseptic effect, use cold of prevention and cure, have pretty good effect.

Is onion evaporate water true can expectorant?

6, be good at stomach, aid digestion.

A large number of naphtha are contained in onion, the exudation of OK and promotional digestive juice, have be good at stomach and eupeptic effect.

7, prevent cancer.

The peptide of pleasant of Guang of chemical material cereal that onion can cause certain amount in your human body, when human body content of medium peptide of cereal Guang pleasant increases a long time, the opportunity of cancer happening can drop, accordingly, onion has certain effect to preventing the happening of cancer.

8, calm.

Onion stimulates lachrymal gland to secrete tear, component of this kinds of exciting and lachrymal excretive also has the effect of calm spirit. It is OK human body of grow in quantity is right of vitaminic B1 use, and vitaminic B1 has remove calm and mental exhaustion, fretted effect.

9, prevention and cure is diabetic.

One kind is included to call man of yellow make water acerbity material in onion, can fall apparently blood sugarSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, promotional cell organization uses candy component better. Take onion juice, or every meal is fried feedForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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An onion head, can make blood sugar drops apparently. But want to noticeLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Fry feed with fragile tender had better, cannot boil sodden, or will affect curative effect.

10, reduce blood pressure, prevent thrombus.

Onion contains prostate element is kind of very strong hemal and outspread dose, can reduce the resistance of blood-vessel of the week outside human body and coronary artery, have the effect of the step up material such as phenolic amine of catechu of antagonism human body, and can be made meetFall in love with the sea

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Cause the sodium salt with elevatory blood pressure excrete, have the effect that reduces blood pressure and precautionary thrombosis.

2 sulfide and a few contain the 2 Xi propyl that onion includes sulfur amino acid, have combat hemal sclerosis and the curious effect that reduce hematic fat. According to observing discovery, have the patient of tall blood fat, after onion of edible a period of time, the hematic cholesterol inside its body, triglyceride and β sing what lipoprotein Dou Youming shows to reduce effect. So, onion wait for the remedial result with have certain to hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and hemal embolism.

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