2017 badminton world bright and beautiful surpasses Gelasige begin Li Zongwei of converging attack of dragon of Lin Dan a surname

Bright and beautiful contest will be in badminton world today 2017 Scotland case pulls Sigela to open opening, the another international contest of cycle of new Olympic Games, experienced before this desertion the Chinese feather team of graceful cup obtains Su Di chair of fulfil the quota. Although advantage no longer apparent, but many projects still have winning actual strength.

Communications center of red of male single forest the 6th coronal

World bright and beautiful is surpassed this year, lin Dan, Chen Long, Shi Yuji and Tian Houwei obtain a male single to take part in the match qualification, champion of two Olympic Gameses is regarded as to gain the championship popular, this is probable also the last opportunity that is champion of world of Li Z上海千花网论坛

ongwei concussion, what he will face is the converging attack of two China old rival.

Before 3 ace 3 rounds adversary all actual strength is not strong, but enter a quarterfinal, li Zongwei encounters Chen Long probably. After the Olympic Games is being made an appointment with in, latter position glides, world rank also drops subsequently before going out 10. The card outside be being held 上海千花网


his year takes part in the match, chen Long still has the actual strength of world center, and before two times world bright and beautiful is surpassed and the Olympic Games had beaten Li Zongwei last year, psychological advantage is clear. If the Malaysian can have stridden this bank, he leaves title of first world champion closer one pace.

But await him in finals, probable it is Lin Dan. It is Lin Dan of 35 years old the 10th likewise world of go on an expedition bright and beautiful contest, communications center hits an individual champion of the 6th match. If be in quarterfinal can conquer teammate Shi Yuji, super red or disgraced group will be received in semifinals the winner between Si Zhi of Si Likan of Sun Wanhu and the first Indian. If Lin Li is big,battle can be performed as scheduled, depend on this year the 2 military successes that surpass rival, lin Dan should be the one party with larger dominant position.

Combination of tower of male in pairs suffers expect

Doubles of male and female, chinese team has 4 pairs of combi上海贵族宝贝交流区

nation to take part in the match each, team member of above of half the number had not attended the Olympic Games last year. In combination of numerous new personality, li Junhui of seed上海贵族宝贝交流区

of male double number one / Liu Yuchen is become most a pair when be valued.

After the Olympic Games is being made an appointment with in, two height exceed 1.9 meters 95 hind young general a new force suddenly rises, obtained this year inferior bright and beautiful contest and Indonesia make public the champion such as contest, reside the world high for a time the first. Current generation bright and beautiful contest, world feather couplet is written civil, expect a two seeds Li Junhui / Liu Yuchen and Danish veteran Bao Yi / the antagonism that Magensen can spread out a youth and legend. But two China young general defends on half region alone, the strong opponent on promotion road is like the cloud: Second annulus greet Indonesian A Shan likely / Pusateluo, former be in with Saidiya when 10 thousand partners, ever was Guo Yunan double one of the strongest opponent; Quarterfinal, chinese double tower encounters Wu Wei possibly again / Chen Wei is strong; Enter this final, there is fine village in potential rival be good at person / vegetable garden is opened realize, japanese number one male double Australia is surpassed publicly this year is second annulus wash out double tower and gain the championship finally.

Congested leaves half area, chai Biao / Hong Wei and Huang Kaixiang / hopeful of Wang Yi law spreads out heart comparing in the 3rd round, zhang Nan / Liu Cheng should be in since bear quarterfinal nick the task of 2 seeds.

Mix pair of 2 date seeds to written guarantee purposely

World bright and beautiful is surpassed this year, guo Yu is in mix double project to go up to have group advantage as before: Zheng Saiwei / Chen Qingchen and Lu Kai / Huang Yaqiong before the row two seeds, half area leaves on guard respectively; And combination of 4 pairs of China is located in different 1/4 area respectively, avoided to encounter ahead of schedule.

4 pairs of combination all are first the partner gives Zhan Shijin to surpass, the partner this year changed the Zhang Nan with contest the richest experience mattress of young general plum sunshine, two people serve as 4 seeds, be in the strongest opponent inside 2/4 area is the Adekaoke’s couple of England. The Wang Yi law of 3/4 area / Huang Dongping should face A Made of Olympic Games champion / Naxier.

Zheng Saiwei / Chen Qingchen and Lu Kai / although Huang Yaqiong is long-term hold the world the first with the 2nd, but two pairs of combination Su Beidou has had this year v/LIT be utterly defeated, go up from contest achievement and cannot make a person completely be at ease. The 3rd round, lu Kai / the Cui Lvgui that Huang Yaqiong encounters Korea extremely likely / Cai presses Ding. This year revi上海同城对对碰交友社区

ve cup final, chinese combination is in just about field of decide the issue of the battle not enemy adversary of this pair of Korea, without the predestined relationship 7 Lian Guan, yellow elegant tear fining jade asperses the scene that covers the site to make a person anxious. This encounter, 2 seeds want the sports meet further, must finish first avenge.

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