This you come in the bowl ” I call MT3 ” mysterious veil opens the news briefing

Are you still in rely on according to legend of mouth of good friend mouth to pick game? Be still in rely on traditional media does game description come to one word target of make choice of? In network direct seeding arisen today, round-the-clock direct seeding form will let more player and game obtain more intimate contact, differ flavour reveals game to play a way through direct seeding is Long Zhu the near future obtains a breakthrough, get attention fully ” I call MT3 ” will carry living broadcast whole journey and 1 million netizens 0 distances, give you the most intuitionistic news briefing.

Game news briefing is a lot of righter for game player, actual very unfamiliar. Because of formal characteristic, mix besides professional media outside a few professional players, very rare and average user can appreciate the glamour of game news briefing personally. The computer that a game enters a player or mobile phone, often be to go up formally ability is OK after the line, can have a thorough knowledge before the choice so, the news briefing is absolutely not two anthology.

” I call MT ” it is happy by Beijing a when use remarkable research and development famous hand swims, his draw materials at classical achieve colleague to move formerly free, after appearing to roll out all right with blocking a card in generation product, obtained those who count ten million player to love. This generation product inducts 70 million user, 2 acting products are cost to exceed 20 million to obtain the gold IP that combines operation by Tecent directly, will pass direct seeding news briefing nowadays, what make last a period of time two years is sterling the 3rd acting product reveals lover before.

The player of familiar MT can witness this news briefing, because ” I call MT ” once was mode of card of Chinese hand You Ka get army person. In lift card while the card develops upsurge, MT this hand swims to be imitated all the time never be surmounted. Secondly era is rolled out is the impression that changes everybody to block a card to the tradition more, gain brilliant success again. For the player of prominent to be familiar with and paying close attention to play, ” I call MT3 ” it is a special product, because this it shows a body with blocking brand image no longer, however first research and development makes pattern for the bout, through a kind brand-new attitude is revealed before advocate.

A kind of such change, to the experience that change the appearance is for the player. Such change, to with build up of card card sport happy move outstanding for, also be brand-new course and challenge. However because of such, happy move outstanding with Long Zhu direct seeding collaboration undertakes whole journey direct seeding to the news briefing, showed the self-confidence of character of research and development not only, more open up the platform that interacts with network of 1 million players, the player can understand game to make a lot of characteristic below mode in the bout through direct seeding not only, also can undertake interacting through direct seeding, by professional development the group solves the doubt in the heart for you.

In our country existing bout makes subject matter in, swim on the west, the mode such as Shui Hu results from more mythological or setting of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, ” I call MT3 ” change bout of unreal of body evil spirit is made, posed a challenge to group of research and development not only, more let a player feel novel. If why is the MT that you think to know bout mode falls become 100? Want to know the bout makes the hunter below, how does the priest cooperate each other? All be concerned about will be in ” I call MT3 ” mysterious veil is opened for you on news briefing direct seeding, let us witness the grand meeting that belongs to MT player this together!

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